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There are many websites with useful information on disability and/or technology. Some are themselves sources of good links to other sites.

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United Kingdom Sites

International Sites

Useful links to UK sites

Useful links from sites outside the UK

  • Ability Online Support Network - An American electronic mail system that connects young people with disabilities or chronic illness to disabled and non-disabled peers and mentors.
  • All about vision-a useful resource on vision
  • ADA Disability Information - One of Americas foremost resource sites for disabled people.
  • Building Community Collaboration and Consensus - Contains extensive information on Collaboration and Public Participation with an emphasis on Youth Participation.
  • Gladnet - Global Applied Disability Research and Information Network for Employment and Training.
  • IBM Special Needs Systems.
  • International Centre for Disability Resources on the Internet.
  • LC Technologies - Creators of the Eye-Gaze system.
  • Microsoft Accessibility Page.
  • Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic. America's education library for people with print disability.
  • R J Cooper - A small development company, designing equipment for disabled people.
  • The Disability Connection - Apple Macintosh disability information site.
  • Trace Centre - World renowned centre in the area of computing and disability.
  • Web Site Accessibility Guidelines.
  • Windows Community - on this site Microsoft talk about Windows features, create videos on tips and tricks, and answer user questions. The resource is free, has no ads, and it's found useful by millions of people visiting the website every year.
  • World Association for Persons with Disabilities (WAPD).
  • - includes articles from Ability Magazine.

All of these links were current as of April 2016. Unfortunately web sites come and go so they might not be permanent.

If you find an out of date link why not report it to us?

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