Finding funding for an adapted computer system

Despite falling prices, the cost of a suitable computer system is still beyond the means of many disabled people, especially those on a low income. This factsheet provides information and advice on how disabled people may obtain alternative funding for assistive technology that could make a significant difference to their quality of life. In addition to potential government support – for students and disabled people in employment or seeking work – a large number of charities are willing to help fund the cost of specialist computer systems and communication aids.

Generally, such grants are only made in situations where no statutory support is available, and where the required items cannot be funded by any other means. Many charities only make awards to people in receipt of state benefits and will want to be satisfied that applicants are receiving their full entitlement. Also, a single charity may not cover the entire cost, and will therefore expect applicants to demonstrate how they propose to make up any potential shortfall.

Section1 of this factsheet gives a brief summary of some sources of government funding.

Section 2 provides advice on making an application for charitable funding.

Section 3 gives details of charities that may provide funding support to disabled applicants for adapted computer systems and/or communication aids.

Sections 4 and 5 provide contact details for benevolent societies and service associations that can also provide help and support to members and their dependents in need. 

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