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AbilityNet publishes and sends the dispATches email newsletter, written by freelance writer Clive Gilbert, previously hosted and published by Designability.

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About dispATches

The dispATches email newsletter aims to raise awareness of technologies that empower disabled and older people to be more independent. Content is compiled by Clive Gilbert, a freelance research consultant and writer specialising in public policy, social affairs and technology.

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Having been born with cerebral palsy, Clive is an extensive user of assistive technology and has first-hand experience of the transformative potential that technology can bring to the lives of disabled people.

Email Clive if you have a comment or contribution for dispATches.

About AbilityNet

AbilityNet began hosting and publishing the dispATches email newsletter in the Summer of 2021. We are a UK charity with over 20 years' experience supporting disabled and older people with technology.

We have a number of services that support a wide range of users - from members of the public looking for help with their technology to digital professionals advocating for accessibility best practices within their organisation. Our vision is a digital world that is accessible to all.

Learn more about AbilityNet on our website, including the services we offer and the people we help. 


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