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AbilityNet's The TechShare ProcastEnjoy AbilityNet's new digital inclusion best practice podcast, released November 2019!

Be sure to subscribe to the new AbilityNet podcast, focusing on the digital accessibility and news and opinion from the hottest inclusive tech event of the year, TechSharePro.

Hosted by AbilityNet's Head of Digital Inclusion, Robin Christopherson, and including guest presenter Steven Scott, we share chats with some of the top names in digital, including Google, Microsoft, Apple, Barclays and more, discussing the essential ingredients to a successful digital strategy and inclusive services.

Find out about the key talking points and best practice in inclusive tech from the sold out TechShare Pro 2019 that took place 20-21 November.

We hope you enjoy the discussions - please share your feedback via email to our Enquiries desk. 

We'd also love you to help us reach as broad an audience as possible, so please use the hashtag #TechSharePro when you share on social media.

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