Disabled User Research and User Testing

Icon on people with speech bubbles with check marks insideUser testing, also known as user research, usability testing and UX accessibility evaluation, identifies usability and accessibility issues by testing the most vital functions of your websites or apps.

Put disabled people at the heart of every project by getting a diverse range of user testers to regularly review your digital content and services. Contact our experts to start a conversation about your requirements or download our User Research and Testing Services brochure for more information.

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Frequently asked questions about user testing 

Is user testing worth it?  

Investing in disability user testing and ensuring your products are accessible, you gain a competitive edge over companies that overlook accessibility, as you can reach a broader audience and cater to the needs of diverse users, as well as demonstrating your commitment to inclusivity and disabled people. 

In particular, AbilityNet’s user accessibility testing service has many outputs including: 

  • Identify up to 45% more accessibility issues than an audit, 
  • Check the usability of your digital estate,
  • Target improvements on your website or app.  

How does user testing work?  

We have a diverse range of user testers who can review your digital content and services on a variety of devices. Our expert consultants will help design the process and provide a detailed report of the user's feedback so you know where and how to make accessibility improvements across your websites or apps. 

How do I do user testing myself?  

Knowing how to conduct user testing yourself can give you the reassurance that you are making accessibility improvements and focusing your resources in the right areas.

Fill out the form below to speak to our experts about our user testing services or you can learn how to do inclusive usability testing yourself on our online training course.

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