We'll help you maintain high accessibility standards with iCOMPLY, your website's quarterly consultant-led compliance check.

What does iCOMPLY include?

Protect your accessibility investment with iCOMPLY. You'll receive:

  • A webinar to train teams to resolve issues and build an inclusive culture
  • Regular checks with a lead accessibility consultant
  • A quarterly report identifying key accessibility issues

How does iCOMPLY work?

Your lead AbilityNet consultant will work with you to provide an independent, quarterly scan across your website.

We use a market-leading, automated solution that scans your site to a depth of two click levels, starting on the homepage of your public website. Your consultant will check and summarise the results and host a bespoke, 60-minute webinar identifying key issues we've highlighted.

Your consultant will point to key improvements to upskill teams where needed and improve the overall health of your public site.

iCOMPLY logoWho iCOMPLY for?

It's not enough to be compliant at your website's launch; you need to embed compliance into your maintenance schedule. 

iCOMPLY offers automated quarterly checks and specialist consultancy and advice; you can protect your accessibility investment and ensure ongoing legal compliance.

Speak to our experts

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  • Sending an email to sales@abilitynet.org.uk

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