Helping BT to produce accessible websites that are also usable

As one of the world's leading communications services companies with customers in more than 170 countries, BT cannot afford to compromise on accessibility. The company has, therefore, for many years, looked to AbilityNet to audit, enhance and help maintain the accessibility of their key, customer-facing websites.

BT logoIn responding to the huge market and tremendous spending potential of people with disabilities, BT's commitment to digital inclusion makes sound commercial sense and extends far beyond its statutory duties under the Equality Act.

Recently, AbilityNet consultants became involved at the earliest stages to advise and assist BT with the initial design, and subsequent development and accreditation of two highly accessible sites - My Donate and Including You.

As well as receiving a detailed report, David Barrett, BT's Inclusion and Accessibility Manager, found that being able to witness our broad-based user testing provided invaluable insights into how people with different impairments were able to use and navigate their emerging sites. David says:

“There's no point being able to tick all the so-called accessibility boxes unless your site is also easy for everyone to use."

“Working with AbilityNet is helping BT to produce websites that are not only highly accessible but are also very usable. We now have a far better awareness of the particular challenges disabled people face when using the internet and, due to AbilityNet’s support and expertise, a much greater knowledge of how best to address these.”

AbilityNet’s training and support has also helped to further increase the understanding and technical expertise of their own staff. BT’s in-house team of web developers and coders is now much better placed to implement accessible solutions as they continue to develop company sites.

AbilityNet can also provide independent, audited verification for websites that satisfy high standards of accessibility and usability. For David Barrett, gaining such accreditation for flagship BT sites like Including You is most valuable in signaling to potential users – and especially anyone with a disability – that they can feel confident of being able to use their site without any difficulties.

Also, to help guarantee continued compliance with best practice accessibility standards, BT subscribe to AbilityNet’s iCOMPLY service. This includes quarterly scans of client sites to identify and prioritise any emerging accessibility concerns, together with consultant support to implement any necessary fixes.

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