The Business Case for Accessibility

Accessibility is good for business

AbilityNet believes in a digital world accessible to all. It is a legal, ethical and moral responsibility, but it also makes good business sense. 

  • Win more customers with inclusive design
  • Drive innovation 
  • Boost brand and reputation.

Our FREE guide to 'the Business Case for Accessibility' will help you win hearts and minds inside and outside your organisation. 

"Covid-19 is the black swan event that clearly establishes digital accessibility as “one of the hottest topics in design,” argued Forrester Research in a Forbes blog. It claims that as much as $16bn (£11.62bn) in design spend will shift to tech vendors and services companies that commit to accessibility (the US and Canada). Have we finally reached a tipping point where digital accessibility has equal status to securing your website?"

Robin Christopherson, MBE
Head of Digital Inclusion, AbilityNet

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