Your Corporate Social Responsibility Partner

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a means for businesses to contribute to or engage in activities of a charitable or ethically-oriented nature, that support the communities and environment in which they operate. Support AbilityNet and let us be your CSR partner.

We have many CSR partnership opportunities supporting our work helping older and disabled people through technology from free support such as volunteering to sponsorship and fundraising. Please contact us if you would like to discuss working together.

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Making a difference in communities

Who we have helped and how

Our vision is a digital world accessible to all. We have a number of services that support a wide range of users - from members of the general public looking for help with their technology to digital professionals advocating for accessibility best practices within their organisation.

Our network of 300+ volunteers provides FREE technology support to help achieve our vision. Due to Covid-19, we've been offering most of our support by telephone and remotely, including using remote login software. This didn't stop 2020 from being a record year for us, in terms of the number of individuals we supported:

In 2020 we helped 2,468 students, 869 employees, 3,541 people at home, 1,414 helpline customers and 1.7 million online visitors

CSR Opportunities: How you can help

Fund access to technology £5,000 - £10,000

Why not set a fundraising target for employees, or pay for access to technology?

Do you know a local or national community that would benefit from access to technology? Today, a tablet costs as little as £100 and can make a substantial difference to individuals' lives. Why not set a fundraising target for employees, or pay for access to technology? AbilityNet will provide FREE support getting the devices up and running and for any ongoing support needs.


Digital marketing £500 (one-off donation)

There are still older and disabled people that aren’t aware of the help we provide. Help us pay for digital marketing to promote our services and reach a wider audience using our email newsletters.

We can use the money to target local communities if you're a local business.

Lunch and Learn: suggested donation of £350

Our 'lunch and learns' can help your employees recognise what it is like to be a disabled person trying to access digital products and services. Our consultants will demonstrate trying to access a website using a screen reader on a smartphone.

We’ll provide an introduction to inclusive design and an overview of our FREE services, which can support older and disabled people.

Encourage employees to volunteer for us (£100 per volunteer to onboard)

Do you have a volunteering scheme in your workplace? We're looking for people with good technology skills, patience and people skills to support older and disabled people with their technology. We'd also love to hear from those with marketing skills who can help get the word out either locally or online.

Our team will help onboard them as volunteers, and there's access to free training and networking.


Contact us about your CSR goals


AbilityNet's impact

The impact of our work

We monitor the impact closely and know the support we provide changes lives:

  • 82% better able to use technology
  • 78% easier to manage day to day life
  • 65% greater participation in new activities
  • 90% more knowledgeable
  • 86% increased confidence
  • 72% more independent
  • 79% less stressed
  • 68% less isolated

In addition, we have a wealth of FREE online resources, including factsheets and My Computer My Way.


The impact of the pandemic

Issues such as social isolation, loneliness and digital inequalities came to the fore during the Covid-19 pandemic, prompting an acceleration in calls for help to AbilityNet.

It’s a challenge many disabled and older people face every day.

  • Half of working-age disabled people "always or often feel lonely"
  • There are 2.1 million chronically lonely older people in the UK
  • Loneliness increases the risk of death by 29%

By supporting AbilityNet, you can help ensure disabled people aren't excluded from the digital world. Covid-19 has also created a genuine drive from companies looking to help others by embracing CSR.

AbilityNet is delighted we’ve been part of a 'levelling up' throughout the pandemic, and we’re keen to continue this work as we return to normal – with your help.