AbilityNet Impact Report 2022

Published January 2023

AbilityNet uses technology to impact the lives of disabled and older people at home, at work, in education and online. You can get support from our a range of services, including:

You can now learn about the impact AbilityNet's work made by downloading our 2022 Impact Report:

Download an illustrated copy of AbilityNet's Impact Report 2022

Download a text-only version of AbilityNet's Impact Report 2022

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Screenshot of page one of AbilityNet's Impact report 2022 - download document for full content

Key facts from our Impact Report 2022

Our impact on individuals

  • 94% Customer satisfaction
  • 76% better able to use technology
  • 78% easier to manage day to day life
  • 58% greater participation in new activities
  • 80% more knowledgeable
  • 88% increased confidence
  • 74% more independent
  • 77% less stressed
  • 70% less isolated

“This service is invaluable to people like me who are older and not IT minded, I’m so grateful and I highly recommend it. Ted, was great, fixing my problems without making me feel stupid.”
- Free technology support client

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Our impact on organisations

  • 96% Customer satisfaction
  • 98% provide a better user experience
  • 99% more knowledgeable
  • 98% increased confidence
  • 83% more inclusive
  • 97% positive impact on engagement

“Really brilliant session - it made me rethink my practice and go away buzzing with ideas."
- Attendee of our How to do accessible, inclusive onboarding and induction training course

Two older men on laptops with younger woman standing behind pointing at screenAbilityNet works with partner organisations to expand our reach and help as many disabled people and older people as possible.

As part of the AbilityNet and BT Group partnership, we have captured our knowledge and insight about the needs of our clients, for policy makers and campaigners. Learn more in our Research paper: Low digital skills households and the path to digital inclusion.

Learn more in the 2022 Impact Report downloadable versions:

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