Cyber Essentials - Certificate of Assurance

We regularly review and update our policies and procedures with regards to our overall IT and technical security, for the assurance of both our staff and our customers. The steps we take meet the requirements necessary to qualify for the National Cyber Security Centre’s Cyber Essentials, which evidences our commitment to IT security and resilience in an ever-changing technical landscape.

AbilityNet Cyber Essentials - Certificate of Assurance - the text on this certificate is detailed in the body of this page

Certificate text reads:

Cyber Essentials Certificate of Assurance


Acre House, 11/15 William Road, London, London, NW1 3ER

Scope: Whole Company

Complies with the requirements of the Cyber Essentials Scheme

Date of Certification: 7th January 2020

Recertification Due: Jan 2021

Certificate Number: IASME-A-014949

Profile Published: February 2017

Certification Body: Capital Network Solutions

Assessor: Karl Greenfield

Accreditation Body: IASME Consortium

This Certificate certifies that the organisation named was assessed as meeting the Cyber Essentials implementation profile published in February 2017 and thus that, at the time of testing, the organisations ICT defences were assessed as satisfactory against commodity based cyber attack. However, this Certificate does not in any way guarantee that the organisation defences will remain satisfactory against cyber attack.

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