Trustee Profile: Sarah Foxall

Profile photo of Sarah Foxall, smiling facing the cameraSarah Foxall is the Corporate Trustee representative for Microsoft Ltd, a post she has held since December 2012.  Sarah is a Citizenship Manager at Microsoft Ltd, driving the organisation’s efforts to make a positive difference in Britain with a particular focus on IT skills for young people, and technology for charities.

Sarah joined Microsoft in 1993 as a service manager within the product support division.  In her time with the company she has held a variety of positions, working with major customers, strategic partners, IT professionals and government officials.  In 2001 Sarah became Microsoft Ltd’s Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, and has led and managed a range of partnerships, policies and projects spanning digital inclusion, online safety, accessibility and volunteering.

Sarah has a broad range of corporate experience, including leading teams, developing strategies, managing budgets and projects, communications and PR campaigns.  Externally, Sarah has contributed to skills strategies, advised on digital inclusion approaches and been a long-standing, non-technical, evangelist for accessibility.

Sarah took a career break from Microsoft in 2004. As well as devoting more time to her family, she continued to work on a freelance basis in the third-sector and with commercial organisations. She relocated with her husband and daughter from London to West Sussex, completed a major property renovation and then re-joined Microsoft in 2008.  She became a parish councillor in 2009 and has been instrumental in establishing a rural affordable housing working group with two neighbouring parishes.  She is a keen gardener, chicken-keeper, skier and walker.

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