Accessible design tips for a competitive edge: AbilityNet Live!

Date of webinar: 
14 Jul 2020 - 13:00

Accessible design does not mean difficult design.

In this webinar, which took place on 14 July 2020, our expert panellists shared their experiences of designing with accessibility in mind, describing success stories and explaining how establishing accessibility best practices can put you at a competitive advantage, particularly as Covid-19 has highlighted the importance of accessible design for meeting the needs of diverse users.

Watch the webinar recording (available soon) to learn from expert speakers from Sony Europe, MoneySupermarket and AbilityNet about key aspects of accessible design, including:

  • Top tips for accessible design
  • Designing for older people and disabled people
  • Common accessibility issues that can only be fixed by inclusive design
  • Career prospects for those with accessible design credentials

 Laptop showing text reading the words "I design and develop experiences that make people's lives simple"


About our speakers

Sarah Zama – Sony Europe 

Sarah is currently the UX, Design and Videography Manager at Pro.Sony & the Global Accessibility ‘go to’ person. The accessibility add-on is as a result of her time working in digital production for more than 12 years at Living Paintings and Guide Dogs, both charities in the sight loss sector.

Emily Cheshire - Moneysupermarket 

Emily is a UX Designer at Moneysupermarket Group. Determined to have an ethical impact on the world, Emily stepped into UX resolved to create inclusive products that better users' lives. Emily’s dedication to building inclusivity was recognised internally with the Inclusion Icon award in 2019.  Since then she’s been leading and participating in a number of accessibility-focused projects at Moneysupermarket Group.

Alice Taylor - AbilityNet

Alice joined AbilityNet after spending five years working as a Front End Developer in a range of digital agencies. As a senior accessibility consultant in our Accessibility Services Team, Alice provides in-depth auditing of web/mobile websites and applications, and carries out design, wireframe and specialist assistive technology reviews, for a wide range of clients across the public and private sectors.

Who will benefit from this webinar?

This webinar is for web designers, people in digital content and UX roles and those working in accessibility roles.

The session may also be of interest to designers moving into working within digital services and products.

The webinar lasted one hour and included questions and answers from attendees. For additional information read answers to frequently asked questions about AbilityNet webinars.

Webinar recording, slide deck and transcript

A captioned recording of the live webinar is available via YouTube and pasted below, along with a transcript. You can view and download the slide deck below that was used during the webinar. 

Useful Links mentioned in the webinar

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Funkify disability simulator

WebAim: Study of 1 million websites found that 86.3% had low contrast - shows how different colour combinations look when experiencing a variety of impairments

Microsoft inclusive design kit

Inclusive Components

ARIA Authoring Practices

Color Safe

Contrast Finder 

Jargon buster: AX = Accessibility, UX = User experience, CX= Customer experience