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  • Sarah Botterill | 16 Dec 2020
    What do the BBC, accessibility and the Tardis have in common?Fifteen years ago, the three combined in a meeting that helped jumpstart the BBC’s formal accessibility journey as accessibility lead Gareth Ford Williams told attendees. 
  • Adam Tweed | 16 Dec 2020
    Help relatives and friends unlock the power of their Android phones using Google's Action Blocks.
  • Sarah Botterill | 15 Dec 2020
    An ageing population, technology and a global pandemic raise challenging questions about tomorrow’s workforce said experts at the Future of Ageing Conference 2020.
  • Sarah Botterill | 14 Dec 2020
    Older people have embraced technology during the pandemic; now tech companies must embrace them, say experts at the International Longevity Centre’s (ILC) Future of Ageing Conference 2020.  Older people have turned to tech during the health crisis, figures from EY reveal. “People over 55 are using...
  • Sarah Botterill | 07 Dec 2020
    Covid-19 exposes inequalities in a digital-first world, Accessibility Specialist Elisabeth Ward of Scope told conference attendees at TechShare Pro 2020. Ward, an upper body amputee from birth, outlined some of the barriers disabled people face in terms of attitudes, physical barriers – and in the...
  • Sarah Botterill | 06 Dec 2020
    Older people in Wiltshire can get support through technology from a project dubbed Click and Connect, led by Age UK in partnership with AbilityNet and Wiltshire Sight.
  • Sarah Botterill | 01 Dec 2020
    AbilityNet volunteer Gordon Curry has used Alexa to lighten the load of a woman living with Multiple Sclerosis and confined to bed. Gordon, from Northern Ireland, configured the virtual assistant so that the client can now control multiple devices at home, such as changing the TV channels and...
  • Sarah Botterill | 30 Nov 2020
    “I think that accessibility has never been more important than it is today,” said Jenny Lay-Flurrie, Chief Accessibility Officer at Microsoft, speaking at TechShare Pro 2020. 
  • Sarah Botterill | 24 Nov 2020
    What does it take to build an accessibility network?Tigger-like enthusiasm, being annoying, being cool and being a people-person are all some of the traits considered important by experts from the Department for Education, the BBC, and Skyscanner.
  • Sarah Botterill | 24 Nov 2020
    Thanks to everyone who joined our AbilityNet webinar on How to spot a scam and avoid it. Unfortunately, we couldn't answer all the Q&A during the session and so here is a brief Q&A based on the questions that came through.