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  • Sarah Botterill | 31 Oct 2019
    November 3 is smart home day. AbilityNet’s Service Development Manager Adam Tweed looks at how the internet of things is turning smart homes into a reality.
  • Sarah Botterill | 31 Oct 2019
    MS Trust specialist nurses provide support in the community, and in a clinic, to people living with MS. We spoke to one nurse and her patient about their relationshipThe MS Trust has a network of MS nurses that act as the main point of contact for people living with Multiple Sclerosis. 
  • Annie Mannion | 29 Oct 2019
    AbilityNet can help with analysing and improving digital accessibility for higher and further education institutions, with its updated suite of services.
  • Alex.Barker | 29 Oct 2019
    With all the goings on in Westminster recently you can be forgiven for not having noticed the Tweet from Labour MP for Hove and Portslade Peter Kyle about having acute dyslexia. In the post which has been retweeted over 3,000 times Peter explains how having acute dyslexia has made his life as an MP...
  • Sarah Botterill | 28 Oct 2019
    World Stroke Day is 29 October 2019. AbilityNet information and support can help stroke survivors adapt their technology following an ischaemic attack.Around every five minutes someone suffers a stroke in the UK, according to the Stroke Association.
  • Alex.Barker | 28 Oct 2019
    According to the Stroke Association, there are 1.2 million Stroke Survivors in the UK. AbilityNet have been lucky enough to attend events and meet people who have living lives after stroke.
  • Annie Mannion | 28 Oct 2019
    Phase 2 of research reveals positive results for some police forces, but promotional work still needs to get the message out more widely.
  • Sarah Botterill | 22 Oct 2019
    Amplifying the voice of blind and partially sighted people is essential to putting their needs front and centre of innovative tech. AbilityNet talks to RNIB chair Eleanor Southwood in advance of her appearance at this year’s TechShare ProCommunity engagement is dear to the heart of RNIB Chair...
  • Mark.Gaddes | 21 Oct 2019
    This webinar will provide an update on how Public Sector Bodies Accessibility Regulations are being implemented by universities and other HE (higher education) institutions. This is part of a series of free webinars we are hosting to support you on your journey to compliance.
  • Claudia.Cahalane | 16 Oct 2019
    AbilityNet explores the range of online forums and Facebook pages available for people with multiple sclerosis (MS). What can they help with and how?