• Sarah Botterill | 27 Jan 2021
    KOMP is a one-button computer designed with and for older people from company No Isolation, which aims to reduce social isolation. We featured KOMP in one of our recent AbilityNet Live! series.
  • Sarah Botterill | 27 Jan 2021
    GrandPad is a tablet designed with, and for older people. We featured it in one of our recent AbilityNet Live! series.
  • Sarah Botterill | 25 Jan 2021
    Online retail is booming but unless retailers make their websites accessible they'll exclude disabled people and miss out on millions in lost revenue. The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the shift to shopping online with digital giant Boohoo looking to snap up Debenhams and ASOS in the fray to...
  • Sarah Botterill | 21 Jan 2021
    There’s never been a better or more urgent time to ensure that your website or service is accessible. While lockdowns have hit the High Street hard, online retail is booming, and disabled people are key customers for digital services.Here are ten ways AbilityNet can help you make your website more...
  • Sarah Botterill | 04 Jan 2021
    AbilityNet is working in partnership with the NHS and others to tackle digital exclusion and support people's mental health needs. We’re helping NHS Camden and Islington Foundation Trust (NHS Candi), which has worked to move its specialist Traumatic Stress Clinic online during Covid-19. 
  • Sarah Botterill | 03 Jan 2021
    Covid-19 has shone a spotlight on the digital divide. We need a blueprint for change says Helen Milner, OBE, and Group Chief Executive of Good Things Foundation. 
  • Sarah Botterill | 18 Dec 2020
    Do you have to choose between doing good, and doing good business? The answer is a resounding ‘no’ from innovative businesses founded on accessible technology. Speaking at TechShare Pro 2020, leading business experts revealed:
  • Sarah Botterill | 16 Dec 2020
    What do the BBC, accessibility and the Tardis have in common?Fifteen years ago, the three combined in a meeting that helped jumpstart the BBC’s formal accessibility journey as accessibility lead Gareth Ford Williams told attendees. 
  • Sarah Botterill | 15 Dec 2020
    An ageing population, technology and a global pandemic raise challenging questions about tomorrow’s workforce said experts at the Future of Ageing Conference 2020.
  • Sarah Botterill | 14 Dec 2020
    Older people have embraced technology during the pandemic; now tech companies must embrace them, say experts at the International Longevity Centre’s (ILC) Future of Ageing Conference 2020.  Older people have turned to tech during the health crisis, figures from EY reveal. “People over 55 are using...