• Sarah Botterill | 13 Jul 2020
    During the pandemic, Corporate Social Responsibility has zoomed up company agendas faster than a well-known video conferencing software has acquired users.
  • Sarah Botterill | 22 Jun 2020
    The COVID-19 crisis has forced many of us into a period of physical distancing— currently, 1.5 million people are self-isolating for health reasons. In reality, many older and disabled people were already more likely to be isolated from the rest of society. 
  • Sarah Botterill | 22 Jun 2020
    The Stroke Association has launched an online guide for stroke survivors to help those who experience problems with communication notably aphasia. 
  • Sarah Botterill | 16 Jun 2020
    Charities and individuals are adapting to the pandemic to meet the needs of diverse communities. We brought some of these together in our recent AbilityNet LIVE! Webinar. As a panelist, Saba Salman noted when “community, communication and tech come together, the social good that comes out of that...
  • Sarah Botterill | 15 Jun 2020
    It’s Learning Disability Week presented by Mencap this week, and the theme for 2020 is friendship during the lockdown. 
  • Sarah Botterill | 10 Jun 2020
    AbilityNet’s 300-strong volunteer team has been stepping up during the pandemic offering remote and telephone support to help older and disabled people use technology.
  • Sarah Botterill | 09 Jun 2020
    AbilityNet has a long-standing partnership with The Stroke Association, which has just launched a new telephone support line for stroke survivors designed to help combat social isolation. 
  • Sarah Botterill | 08 Jun 2020
    When you're engaged in any online meeting, you'll be working with a range of diverse needs, as you would face-to-face. So how do you make sure that as the meeting host or participant you ensure you cater for everyone's needs?
  • Sarah Botterill | 26 May 2020
  • Sarah Botterill | 12 May 2020
    AbilityNet is working with others to keep older people connected during the COVID-19 lockdown


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