• Robin.Christopherson | 24 Jun 2020
    Take a survey to help prioritise assistive technology products that every person with a disability should have access to.
  • Robin.Christopherson | 21 May 2020
    Today, 21 May, is the 9th Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) and it's worth looking briefly back over those years at how much has changed in the arena of accessibility, the tech that people with disabilities have access to, and the things that have remained largely unchanged.
  • Robin.Christopherson | 16 Mar 2020
    Find out more about virtual reality, and test the University of Salford's pilot web player.
  • Robin.Christopherson | 11 Mar 2020
    Blog published on Texthelp website on 2nd March 2020
  • Robin.Christopherson | 10 Mar 2020
    Meeting the experts in voice-first techToday (10 March) at an international healthcare conference* in Orlando, Florida a ground-breaking new book is being launched on how voice-first technology - like Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s Assistant - can be leveraged to revolutionise healthcare delivery and...
  • Robin.Christopherson | 18 Feb 2020
    The European Accessibility Act is all set to create an equal digital landscape for older and disabled people.There are an estimated 80 million Europeans with disabilities, and over 190 million older people.
  • Robin.Christopherson | 13 Feb 2020
    Virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri are now part of our everyday lives. It’s as natural to talk to a device and receive a spoken (or on-screen) nugget of info, as it is to whip out our phone to check the weather, Google that thing or listen to music. A new project from the clever guys at MIT (...
  • Robin.Christopherson | 12 Feb 2020
    A Nissan LEAF all-electric vehicle, equipped with all the necessary sensors and systems for full autonomous driving, has just set a new UK record journey of 230 miles across our uniquely challenging mix of roads and traffic – signifying just how viable these technologies are for everyone who either...
  • Robin.Christopherson | 12 Feb 2020
    Three top tips for accessible procurement, and how to embed inclusive design in your product development process.
  • Robin.Christopherson | 05 Dec 2019
    Last week saw the enormously successful TechShare Pro 2019 conference and one of the most interesting and enlightening sessions was the expert panel concerning ‘The Carrots and the Sticks of Accessibility’; the carrots of course being the compelling ethical and business cases and the sticks being...


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