10 digital accessibility insights from C-Suite professionals: FREE download

AbilityNet’s exclusive survey of C-Suite professionals reveals what the C-Suite thinks about digital accessibility. Below are ten critical statistics are taken from the survey.

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  1. 26 per cent of C-suite respondents believe they “lack the internal skills and experience” to drive digital accessibility.
  2. Only 50 per cent of C-suite executives rate the statement “customers are more likely to buy from us as an ethical brand” as “very” or “fairly” important.
  3. 22 per cent see digital accessibility as a never-ending task.
  4. Fewer than 50 per cent of those surveyed have a named person who is responsible for digital accessibility.
  5. 32 per cent said measuring the impact of digital accessibility is the most significant barrier.


  1. 15% say it is hard to secure a budget for digital accessibility
  2. 44% believe digital accessibility is “everybody’s responsibility.”
  3. 22% have a clear vision outlining their vision for digital accessibility
  4. 50% have a budget allocated for training in digital accessibility
  5. 76% of our survey respondents were digital accessibility decision-makers
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